Interglobe Aviation announces codeshare expansion with Turkish Airlines for US travel

  1. Interglobe Aviation expands codeshare partnership: Interglobe Aviation, the parent company of India’s leading airline IndiGo, has expanded its codeshare partnership with Turkish Airlines. This strategic move enables Indian travelers to access seamless connectivity to key destinations in the United States.
  2. Enhanced travel options to major US cities: Through the expanded codeshare agreement, Indian travelers can now conveniently fly to popular cities such as New York, Boston, Chicago, and Washington starting from June 15, 2023. This increased connectivity offers more travel options and flexibility for those planning trips to these major American destinations.
  3. Improved convenience and seamless travel experience: The expanded codeshare partnership between Interglobe Aviation and Turkish Airlines aims to enhance convenience and provide a seamless travel experience for passengers. By leveraging the extensive networks of both airlines, travelers can enjoy smoother connections and coordinated services, reducing travel hassles and optimizing their journey.
  4. Strengthening international travel opportunities: The collaboration between Interglobe Aviation and Turkish Airlines expands international travel opportunities for Indian passengers, allowing them to explore and experience new destinations in the United States. This partnership supports the growth of tourism, business travel, and cultural exchanges between the two countries.
  5. Meeting evolving customer demands: The expanded codeshare partnership is a response to the evolving demands and preferences of Indian travelers. By offering enhanced connectivity to major US cities, Interglobe Aviation and Turkish Airlines aim to cater to the needs of customers seeking convenient and efficient travel options.

This expanded codeshare partnership between Interglobe Aviation and Turkish Airlines brings increased connectivity and convenience to Indian travelers, opening up new possibilities for travel to major US cities. With seamless connections and a focus on customer satisfaction, the collaboration aims to provide an enhanced travel experience and foster greater international connectivity between India and the United States.