According to reports, the watchOS 10 design has been tweaked to focus on widgets

  1. Apple is preparing major changes for the Apple Watch as part of watchOS 10 this year.
  2. watchOS 10 will include major changes to the user interface with a new focus on widgets.
  3. The story comes from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg in Power On.
  4. watchOS 10 will include support for widgets as a “middle part” of the Apple Watch interface.
  5. The new design will be reminiscent of a Siri watch face and resembles the “widget stacks” on the iPhone and iPad.
  6. The plan is to give users access to a series of widgets, including weather and stock tickers.
  7. The new interface is available as an overlay for each watch face.
  8. The ultimate goal is to give people “quick access to bits of information” without having to open dedicated apps.
  9. Apple is also considering changing the functionality of the digital crown to open a new widget interface instead of taking users to the home screen.
  10. This new interface is similar to the original “Glances” feature of the Apple Watch, which Apple dropped in future watchOS updates.