Android to separate notification and ringtone volume, says Google

  1. Google has said that Android 13 will separate QPR3 or 14 ringtones and notification volumes.
  2. In Android 13 QPR2 Beta 1, an ADB command was found that created separate volume sliders for ringtones and notifications in the Sound & Vibration settings menu.
  3. The ADB command still works, but the separate volume sliders have not produced the stable QPR2 or QPR3 (Beta 3) releases.
  4. Google has updated an entry in Android’s issue tracker from December 2021, saying that a convenience request for separate volume bars for notification and ringtones will be available in a future build It’s not clear when the notification/ringtone volume adjustment will be available in the stable release of Android 13 QPR3 or the Android 14 stable release scheduled for June, but users who prefer but want vibration for incoming calls hear notifications can be social development , or vice versa.