Android Users of WhatsApp Will Soon Have Access to an iOS Feature

  • WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature for Android beta testers that highlights the missed call names in red within the calls tab.
  • The new feature is similar to what is already available on WhatsApp for iOS for several years.
  • This minor feature is expected to make it easier for users to quickly identify which calls they have missed.
  • The feature is currently in the testing phase and is available only for beta testers. It will soon be rolled out for Android users.
  • WhatsApp is also rolling out a new accessibility feature for Android users called “Reply with Message”.
  • This feature allows users to send a message when declining a call, eliminating the need to refuse a call and then send a separate message to the caller to explain why they were unable to answer.
  • A new “reply” button will be added to incoming call notifications, alongside the existing “decline” and “answer” buttons.
  • The feature has been integrated into call notifications and is available to a select group of beta testers on Android.
  • The feature is expected to be rolled out to all Android users soon.