Bing AI Takes Chatting to the Next Level with Contextual Chat and Widgets

  • Microsoft has announced several updates to improve the Bing AI experience on Android and iOS.
  • Bing is receiving a homescreen widget on Android and iOS, allowing users to launch Bing or engage in AI chat using voice or keyboard input.
  • Google is planning a similar widget for Bard, but Microsoft beat them to the punch with this release.
  • The Bing app now allows users to continue conversations with the AI chatbot across mobile and desktop instances by using a QR code.
  • Support for SwiftKey has been added to the Bing app, enabling message composition using Bing’s AI.
  • Bing AI can now utilize contextual information from webpages in Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android, offering more relevant answers and the ability to summarize pages on request.
  • The updates also bring expanded language support, introduce new “Witty” and “Funny” tones to the AI in SwiftKey, and integrate translator functionality into SwiftKey.
  • Bing AI is now available within all Skype group chats.
  • All these updates will be available to users within the next week.
  • Microsoft continues to enhance the Bing AI experience across various platforms, making it more versatile and user-friendly.