Coal India Announces 8% Price Hike on High-Grade Coal: Boosts Revenue Prospects

Coal India

Coal India Ltd board approved an 8% price increase for premium coal from G2 to G10. The offer, which was approved on Tuesday, will apply to all Coal India Limited offices and could generate more revenue for the company. The rate increase approved by
is expected to bring in additional income of approximately Rs 2,703 for the remainder of fiscal 24. This change will have a major impact on the financial institution.


  1. Coal India board approved an 8% price increase for premium coal (G2 to G10).
  2. This increase will apply to all offices of Coal India Limited, representing a general policy change.
  3. The price increase is expected to generate additional revenue of Rs 2,703 for the remainder of FY24.


Coal India’s decision to increase the price of quality coal is a strategy that is expected to increase the company’s earnings. This move reflects Coal India’s commercial leadership and ability to harness energy while improving profitability. As one of the world’s largest power plants, this development will be monitored by stakeholders and industry analysts, emphasizing its important role in building the energy industry landscape.