Eveready Industries sees surge in revenue despite quarterly loss

Eveready Industries-CC

Battery and lighting products manufacturer, Eveready Industries, has reported a loss of over INR 14 crore ($1.9m) for the quarter, compared to a loss of INR 38.4 crore ($5.1m)​ for the same period last year. However, the company had earned a profit of over INR 5 crore ($671,000) in the previous quarter of the current fiscal year. The company posted a growth of over 18% in its operational revenue, reporting INR 286.2 crore ($38.3m) for the quarter, compared to INR 242.2 crore ($32.4m)​ in the same quarter last year. Despite the loss, the company’s strong revenue growth is seen as a positive sign amid challenging market conditions. Eveready Industries plans to focus on its core business and to strengthen its distribution network to leverage growth opportunities in the Indian market.