Exciting News for Android Auto Users: Google Maps Can Now Be Opened on Connected Phones


In a long-awaited move, Android Auto has finally removed the frustrating restriction that prevented users from opening Google Maps on their paired phones. After its initial release in February, support for integrating the Maps app with Android Auto seems to have disappeared for some users. However, recent reports indicate that Google has reintroduced this feature, and this time it seems to be more widespread and hopefully more permanent.

Many Android Auto enthusiasts on Reddit shared their excitement, confirming that Google Maps can now be opened on their phones while using Android Auto. The former restriction was a source of frustration because the Maps version on Android Auto does not have many features found in the phone app. These include additional information about destinations and user-created lists of destinations.

While the change is not yet universally applicable, several users in the Reddit thread have reported success in unlocking Maps during Android Auto. Some speculate that the Google Maps v11.67.0701 release may be related to this change, but there are cases where users with the same version are still experiencing issues, indicating a potential bug however the consensus is that this is intentional.

Our own efforts to recreate the program have been successful. Using Maps v11.67.0702 on the Pixel 7 Pro, we were able to open the app in Android Auto without any problems. It should be noted that individual experiences may vary, so Android Auto users are encouraged to share their results in the comments section.

This highly anticipated upgrade opens up new possibilities for Android Auto users, giving them a more feature-rich and personalized Google Maps experience on their connected phones