G20 Leaders Reach Historic Consensus on Joint Declaration Despite Ukraine War


New Delhi, India – In a historic moment at the G20 Leaders’ Summit in New Delhi, member countries have successfully reached a consensus on the adoption of the G20 Leaders’ Summit Declaration. The declaration, which was released on Saturday, outlines the group’s commitment to working together to address global challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and food security.

The agreement was particularly significant as there were initial doubts about whether G20 member countries could agree on a joint communique. The primary point of contention revolved around how to reference the ongoing Ukraine war in the joint declaration.

In 2022, at the Bali Declaration, most members criticized Moscow’s actions in Ukraine, calling for upholding international law and UN Charter principles. However, during India’s presidency, Russia and China resisted endorsing similar language.

As a result of these differences, India had been releasing an “Outcome Document and Chair’s Summary” instead of a joint declaration at major G20 meetings. The success of these negotiations prevented what could have been the first G20 Summit without a joint declaration.

Senior EU officials suggested that the initial draft from India didn’t adequately express G7 concerns about Russia’s war in Ukraine. However, there was also a willingness to adjust the language, presenting an opportunity for India to capitalize on this flexibility.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan confirmed ongoing discussions, underscoring the importance of this consensus for international relations.

“This breakthrough marks a pivotal moment in global diplomacy, showcasing the power of diplomacy and cooperation on the world stage,” Sullivan said in a statement.

The G20 Leaders’ Summit Declaration is a significant achievement for India, which was hosting the summit for the first time. It is also a sign of hope for the future of global cooperation, as it shows that even in the midst of a major conflict, countries can still come together to address common challenges.

The declaration calls for a “coordinated and comprehensive response” to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the need for equitable access to vaccines and treatment. It also commits to taking action on climate change, including the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and invest in clean energy.

The declaration also addresses the issue of food security, which has been exacerbated by the war in Ukraine. It calls for increased investment in agriculture and food production, and for the removal of trade barriers that could make food more expensive.

The G20 Leaders’ Summit Declaration is a significant step forward for global cooperation. It is a reminder that even in the face of challenges, countries can still come together to find solutions.