Gati Logistics CEO Resigns: What Does It Mean for the Company?


Gati Logistics, a leading logistics services provider in India, has announced that its CEO Pirojshaw Aspi Sarkari has resigned from his position with immediate effect. The reasons behind Sarkari’s departure from the company have not been disclosed. However, the company has appointed him as the managing director and CEO of Gati-Kintetsu Express Private Ltd (GKEPL), its material subsidiary, effective May 31, 2021. GKEPL is a joint venture between Gati and Kintetsu World Express, a global logistics company based in Japan. Sarkari has been associated with Gati Logistics for nearly two decades and has led the company through several strategic initiatives, including expansions across India and acquisitions. He was appointed as the CEO of Gati in 2016 and was instrumental in shaping the company’s growth strategy.