Google Contacts has added a new feature that shows local time and weather information for contacts with addresses.


The feature, which is available in version 4.14 and newer, displays a card with the city and current time for each contact. It also shows the temperature and weather conditions, both visually and in text format.

To see the time and weather information for a contact, open the Google Contacts app and tap on their name. The card will appear below their contact information.

The weather data in Google Contacts is sourced from The app also allows users to edit the address for each contact through the overflow menu.

The new time and weather feature is a helpful addition to Google Contacts. It can be used to determine if it’s a good time to call or text someone, or to start a conversation about the weather.

In addition to the time and weather feature, Google Contacts has also made other recent updates. The app now uses circular profile images instead of edge-to-edge squares, and the call/text/video buttons are displayed in themed circles.

These updates make Google Contacts more visually appealing and easier to use.

If you’re not seeing the time and weather card in your Google Contacts, you can try force stopping the app from the App info menu.

We hope you find this new feature helpful!