Google Contacts will soon show the time & weather


Exciting Updates Coming to Google Contacts App:

  1. Redesigned Buttons: The Call, Text, and other buttons in the Google Contacts app have undergone a makeover. They now feature a sleek circular design with easily recognizable icons.
  2. Location Sharing Integration: A new tile labeled ‘Google Maps · Location sharing’ will be introduced. Clicking on this tile will display a map indicating the contact’s location, provided they have shared it with you.
  3. Personalized Favorites: A Suggestions tile will be added to the ‘Highlights’ tab, offering recommendations for contacts to add to your favorites. The suggestions are based on your most frequent interactions, making it easier to stay connected with important contacts.
  4. Additional Hidden Features: These upcoming changes complement previously discovered enhancements, such as a time and weather tile displaying information based on a contact’s home address, as well as a new round-frame photo display.
  5. Version and Activation Details: All of these exciting features are integrated within the latest version of the Google Contacts app. While the features are not currently available, they will be activated through server-side updates in the near future.

Stay tuned for the official release of these Google Contacts app updates, enhancing the user experience and making it simpler to manage and connect with contacts.