Google Domains Ceases New Domain Sales as Squarespace Takes Over


In a Surprising Move, Google Exits Domain Registration Market

Google Domains, a popular domain registrar, has ceased selling new domains, marking a significant transition in the industry. The business was sold to Squarespace earlier this year, and the transition to the new platform is currently underway.

Existing Google Domains customers are not required to move their domains to Squarespace, but they may choose to do so if they wish. All existing controls and features remain accessible to Google Domains customers during the transition period.

The closure of Google Domains is a surprising move, given the company’s strong brand recognition and large customer base. However, it appears that Google is refocusing its efforts on other areas of its business, such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

The acquisition of Google Domains by Squarespace is a major coup for the website builder company. Squarespace is already a popular choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and the addition of domain registration services will further strengthen its offerings.

What Does This Mean for Customers?

For existing Google Domains customers, the transition to Squarespace should be relatively seamless. All domains will be transferred to the new platform, and customers will retain access to all existing controls and features.

Customers who wish to purchase a new domain will now need to do so through Squarespace. Squarespace offers domains starting at the same price point as Google, at $12 per year for “average” domains.

WordPress Offer Provides Alternative for Customers

WordPress, a popular content management system, is offering a free domain transfer for a limited time to Google Domains customers who are looking for an alternative to Squarespace. This offer is valid for new WordPress customers only, and pricing will be matched for at least an additional year.

Overall, the closure of Google Domains is a significant development in the domain registration industry. However, the transition to Squarespace should be relatively seamless for existing customers, and those who are looking for an alternative have the option of transferring their domains to WordPress.