Google Maps Gets a New Look, But Not Everyone Is Happy


Google Maps is getting a new look, and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The popular navigation app is testing a new color palette for its background map layer, which has drawn comparisons to Apple Maps.

The most notable changes include a lighter blue with hints of green for water, making it more vibrant, and darker green for nature areas like parks and forests. Roads have shifted to gray, offering enhanced visibility, with freeways adopting a dark gray shade.

While these changes individually may seem minor, their combined effect significantly alters Google Maps’ appearance. Some users find the new color scheme challenging to read, particularly in navigation mode, and express concerns about the traffic display, which no longer shows green for smooth flow.

“I’m not a fan of the new colors,” said one user on Twitter. “They’re too bright and hard to look at.”

“I also don’t like that the traffic is no longer green,” said another user. “It’s hard to tell at a glance if the roads are clear.”

It’s unclear whether Google will make the new color scheme permanent. The company is reportedly testing other changes to the user interface, such as a Material 3 bottom bar without dynamic color.

As Google Maps continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how users will adapt to the new look.

In addition to the headline and article, here are some other ways to engage users with this news:

  • Create a poll or survey to gauge user sentiment about the new color scheme.
  • Run a social media campaign to get users’ feedback.
  • Create a blog post or video explaining the changes and why Google made them.
  • Host a live Q&A session with Google Maps developers.

By engaging with users in these ways, Google can get valuable feedback on the new color scheme and make necessary adjustments before making it permanent.