Google Photos to Introduce Optimized Edit Tool for Tablets in Landscape Mode


Google Photos has announced that it will be optimizing its Edit tool for tablets in landscape mode. Currently, the Edit tool looks like a stretched version of the mobile app on tablets, but this update will change that. The main editing tools will be located on the right, while the photo being edited will be displayed on the left, providing a more user-friendly interface.

However, some adjustment elements will still appear below the photo, retaining the app’s original design. The portrait mode will remain unchanged, providing a consistent experience across all devices.

The updated layout has been made possible in the latest version of the Google Photos app, and users can enable it by following a few simple steps. At the moment, the feature is hidden from users, but it is expected to roll out soon.

The change is expected to improve the editing experience for Google Photos users on tablets in landscape mode. The new layout will offer a more spacious and organized interface, making it easier to navigate and edit photos.

With this update, Google Photos is taking a step towards providing a more optimized user experience on all devices. The change is expected to be welcomed by users who have been requesting a more tablet-friendly layout for the Edit tool.