Google’s SGE Preview: A New Era of Personalized Search Results

Google Search Generative Experience

Google has unveiled its AI-driven Search Generative Experience (SGE), an innovative feature designed to deliver comprehensive responses to multi-step search queries. Announced at the 2023 I/O conference, the SGE is now accessible to users who have enrolled in the Search Labs program.

The SGE’s goal is to answer intricate searches that one website may not fully cover. These could include queries such as comparing learning ukulele versus guitar, or understanding the benefits of incorporating a business before freelancing. Instead of showing typical search results, SGE will produce an AI-fueled “snapshot” of information, providing users with a diverse range of insights to address their query.

Google’s advanced language models, including MUM and PaLM2, drive this AI-powered search response. These models aim to produce high-quality, objective, and neutral responses. If Google has low confidence in its response or the information is lacking, it will not generate an AI snapshot.

In addition, the SGE includes a “Corroborate/Expand” button that allows users to view the sources of the provided information. It also enables a conversational mode with a chatbot UI for follow-up questions.

Google’s SGE integrates shopping and advertisement features for buying-related inquiries, and it will offer suggestions based on Google’s Shopping Graph.

Beyond SGE, Search Labs is introducing two other experiments: ‘Code Tips’, which provides advice for code-writing, and ‘Add to Sheets’, which allows users to insert a search result directly into a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Currently, Google is rolling out the SGE to US English users who have signed up for Search Labs.