Hero MotoCorp: Aiming for the Top Spot in the Electric Two-Wheeler Segment


According to the recently recruited CEO, Niranjan Gupta, Hero MotoCorp, India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, is getting set to electrify its product lineup and rebuild its sales infrastructure to cater to premium clients. The company’s strategy change towards sustainable mobility solutions is in line with its long-term growth plan.

For the manufacturer, Gupta has defined three crucial mid-term priorities. First and foremost, Hero MotoCorp wants to solidify its position in the premium bike market by providing clients with a wide selection of expensive models. Second, the company wants to increase its share of the commuting market, which accounts for a sizable portion of its current clientele.

However, Hero’s plan is most revolutionary in its desire to dominate the market for electric two-wheelers. This forward-thinking strategy demonstrates Hero’s dedication to technological innovation and environmental sustainability at a time when India’s EV market is expanding.

A new era of green mobility, propelled by one of the nation’s most illustrious car manufacturers, is expected to emerge as Hero MotoCorp prepares for an electrified future.