India Mobile Congress Explores the Transformative Power of Generative AI


A star-studded lineup of industry leaders gathered at the India Mobile Congress to discuss the groundbreaking potential of Generative AI. The event featured luminaries such as Thirumaran Ekambaram from Ericsson, Dr. Shailesh Kumar from Reliance Jio, and Azhar Sayeed from Red Hat, among others.

Thirumaran Ekambaram kicked off the session with a presentation on the rapid implementation of Transformational AI and Generative AI, shedding light on the challenges associated with this cutting-edge technology.

KG Purushothaman, in his opening remarks, highlighted the significant surge in large language models (LLM) post-2022, emphasizing how companies and CEOs are increasingly leveraging these models to enhance their workflows.

Anku Jain discussed the three levels of Generative AI and the need for efficiency in the current model, emphasizing MediaTek’s role in this context.

Azhar Sayeed underlined the importance of Generative AI in refreshing infrastructure and the increasing availability of open-source models, emphasizing the need for improved training data.

Kishore Annapureddy cautioned that Generative AI is not entirely reliable and that human expertise is vital for its development.

The panelists collectively stressed the democratization of AI by reducing compute costs and expanding large language models into various languages and services.

Abhay Savargaonkar drew a parallel between individuals and Generative AI, emphasizing the critical role of diverse datasets and the necessity for organizations to invest in employee training for efficient AI management.

The event concluded with a discussion on the regulation of guardrails, debating whether they should be externally regulated or self-regulated.

This captivating event at the India Mobile Congress highlighted the profound impact of Generative AI in transforming industries and shaping the future of AI development.