Inox Wind Energy to Merge with Parent Company


A merger with the parent firm has been accepted by Inox Wind Energy Limited, a division of Inox Wind Limited. Shareholders of Inox Wind Energy will get 158 shares of Inox Wind for every 10 shares they own as part of the share swap that will take place to execute the merger. Inox Wind shares will be issued for the merger at a price of Rs 54, while Inox Wind Energy shares will be issued at a price of Rs 847.

By the end of the current fiscal year, the merger should be finalized. Inox Wind Energy won’t be an independent firm after the transaction is finished. Inox Wind Energy will receive all of Inox Wind’s assets, liabilities, and personnel.

It is anticipated that the combination will result in a stronger and more competitive wind energy company. Inox Wind has a market share of over 10% and is India’s top supplier of wind energy solutions. Inox Wind will be able to broaden its reach and strengthen its position in the market thanks to the combination.

Efficiencies and cost reductions are also anticipated as a result of the combination. Combining the two businesses’ operations will enable Inox Wind to cut back on administrative and operational expenses.

Investors have praised the transaction. The news of the merger increased the share price of Inox Wind Energy by more than 15%. Investors are of the opinion that the combination will result in a more valuable and profitable corporation.

A good thing has happened for India’s wind energy sector with the combination of Inox Wind Energy and Inox Wind. The combination will result in a more robust and aggressive business that is better equipped to meet India’s rising demand for wind energy.