iOS 17 will add support for recurring payments to Apple Cash


With the impending release of iOS 17, Apple has revealed intriguing upgrades to its Apple Cash service. Recurring payments and automatic balance refilling are two crucial features that Apple highlighted in a recent press release as improving the user experience for Apple Cash users.

Apple Cash users will now have the ease of setting up monthly payments for particular contacts with the new recurring payments functionality. Users may now automate weekly, bimonthly, or monthly Apple Cash payments, whether they are paying a child’s allowance or splitting expenses with roommates. It will be simpler than ever to manage everyday financial operations and guarantee on-time payments thanks to this simplified procedure.

Users of Apple Cash will also soon be able to enable automatic balance refilling. The Apple Cash balance will be monitored by this function, and when it starts to become low, money will be immediately sent from the associated bank account to top it off. This removes the concern over not having enough money and guarantees a smooth payment process.

Apple has confirmed that these improvements will launch later this autumn, even though they are not present in the original iOS 17 beta. The business’s dedication to improving the Apple Cash service is a reflection of its continued efforts to give customers a simple and straightforward digital payment experience.

Apple’s commitment to addressing the various demands of its users is demonstrated by the introduction of recurring payments and automated balance refilling. Apple continues to simplify financial transactions and provide users more convenience and control over their money by introducing these capabilities into Apple Cash.

Apple Cash users should anticipate an improved and user-friendly payment process with the release of iOS 17. Apple Cash will give users the resources they need to streamline financial transactions and promote effective money management, whether it’s organising recurring payments or making sure there’s enough money in their account.

Watch for these intriguing Apple Cash additions to improve how consumers manage their cash on Apple devices when iOS 17 officially launches later this year.