JPMorgan to Include Indian Government Bonds in Emerging-Market Index


JPMorgan Chase & Co., the world’s largest investment bank, is set to include Indian government bonds in its benchmark emerging-market index, effective from June 28, 2024. This move is highly anticipated and is expected to attract significant foreign investments into India’s debt market.

Key points from the news:

  • India’s growing appeal to international investors, driven by its robust economic growth, geopolitical influence, and the quest for alternatives to China, has contributed to this decision.
  • Foreign investors have been increasingly interested in the Indian bond market in recent years, and India’s assets have shown resilience in the face of financial turmoil affecting other developing nations.
  • The South Asian nation’s maximum weight on the JPMorgan Government Bond Index-Emerging Markets will be capped at 10%.
  • India’s introduction of bonds fully accessible to foreigners in 2020 and measures to facilitate foreign portfolio investments have paved the way for this inclusion.
  • Market experts anticipate this decision could result in foreign inflows of up to $25 billion by March 2025.

Significance of the move

This move comes as a significant contrast to many other emerging markets, such as China, which has faced economic challenges. Foreign investors have already purchased $3.5 billion worth of Indian government debt in the current year, indicating growing interest.

India’s equities market has also been attractive to investors, with its strong economic growth and corporate earnings. JPMorgan’s decision has led to gains in the shares of Indian banks, shadow lenders, and debt-services providers, which are poised to benefit from the bond market’s growth and the expected reduction in their cost of capital.

This inclusion will likely open up more opportunities for foreign capital to flow into India, particularly as inflation comes under control. India’s assets will now be more accessible to global investors tracking the JPMorgan emerging market bond indexes, which oversee assets worth $236 billion.

Impact on the Indian economy

Overall, this move is a significant development for India’s financial market and is expected to have a positive impact on its economy. The influx of foreign investments will help to boost the rupee, lower borrowing costs, and support economic growth. Additionally, it will provide Indian companies with more access to global capital markets.

The inclusion of Indian government bonds in the JPMorgan emerging-market index is a testament to India’s growing economic clout and its attractiveness as an investment destination. It is a positive development for both India and the global economy.