Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI now available to all users, plug-ins coming soon

  • Microsoft is making its Bing GPT-4 chatbot available to everyone today, no more waitlist necessary.
  • To access the open preview version that’s powered by GPT-4, all you need is to sign in to the new Bing or Edge with your Microsoft account.
  • This open preview launch comes nearly two months after Microsoft experimented with removing the waitlist for its new Bing Chat feature.
  • Microsoft is massively upgrading Bing Chat with lots of new features and even plug-in support.
  • Bing Chat’s new features include image and video results, new Bing and Edge Actions feature, persistent chat and history.
  • Bing Chat will now support plug-ins which will be a key addition for developers and for the future of Bing Chat.
  • Microsoft is working with OpenTable to enable its plug-in for completing restaurant bookings within Bing Chat and WolframAlpha for generating visualizations.
  • Microsoft will share a lot more about Bing Chat’s features and how developers can extend it at its Build conference later this month.