Powering Up the Drive: Android Auto’s Latest Updates Cater to Electric Vehicle Owners


Google is working to bring better support to Android Auto for electric vehicles( EVs ) equipped with the infotainment experience.

Over the past several revisions to Android Auto, Google has been quietly building out new characteristics tied to EVs. This includes the ability to physically detect your vehicles as an electric car and switch on EV functions within Google Maps on Android Auto. This all appears within Android Auto’s built – in settings menu under a new section titled” EV Settings”.

The option to choose which charging connection your car is using is one of the additional features. J1772, CCS( Combo 1 and 2 ), Type 2, and CHAdeMO are among the plugs on the list. There’s no mention of the North American Charging Standard( NACS ) pioneered by Tesla and seeing massive adoption through other EVs set to be sold in the United States. Probably, nevertheless, this may easily be added in a later upgrade.

Since Android Auto 9.5, work on these new EV features has been ongoing, but it appears that the function is eventually making an appearance in Android 9.9. Following the most recent updates, EV features became available for SmartDroid users, showing the new options options in use but in German.

However, Android Auto isn’t very frequent in well-known EVs. Tesla and Rivian have both opted to dismiss Android Auto and CarPlay, while other companies like as Polestar have rather used Android Automotive as a local operating system. Also, for EVs from Kia, Nissan, Ford, and another, this is a welcome release we’re looking forward to seeing more broadly.