Say Goodbye to Twitter: Meta’s Revolutionary Social Media Alternative


Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, is planning to launch a new app that will compete with Twitter. The app, which is currently codenamed “P92” or “Barcelona,” will follow Instagram’s design and branding guidelines. Instead of a feed of photos and videos, the app will feature a timeline of text-based posts, with the ability to attach photos, videos, and links. Users can reply and engage in threaded conversations.

Meta emphasizes that the new app will offer seamless integration with Instagram, allowing users to easily follow accounts they already follow on the popular photo-sharing platform. The company also promises robust moderation features and customizable controls for replies and mentions.

Interestingly, Meta aims to make its app compatible with other platforms, such as Mastodon, enabling cross-platform interaction and engagement.

With Meta’s vast user base, thanks to Instagram’s one billion users, the company has a significant advantage over Twitter, which has around 400 million users. Whether Meta’s foray into the Twitter space will be successful remains to be seen, but the prospect of joining a new app without creating a new account could entice many users.

What are your thoughts on Meta’s Twitter competitor?

Here are some of the key features of Meta’s new app:

  • Timeline of text-based posts
  • Ability to attach photos, videos, and links
  • Replies and threaded conversations
  • Seamless integration with Instagram
  • Robust moderation features
  • Customizable controls for replies and mentions
  • Compatibility with other platforms, such as Mastodon

Meta’s new app is still in development, but it has the potential to be a major competitor to Twitter. With Meta’s vast user base and resources, the app could quickly gain traction and become a popular platform for sharing news, information, and opinions.

It will be interesting to see how Meta’s new app fares in the competitive social media landscape. The company has a lot to offer, but it will need to convince users that its app is better than Twitter.