Tejas Networks Empowers Tata Tele Business Services with High-Speed Fiber Connectivity Solutions

Tejas Networks

Tejas Networks, a leading provider of optical and data networking solutions, has successfully deployed its TJ1400 family of carrier-class Fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) and Packet Switching Network PTN solutions. This deployment aims to deliver high-speed fiber connectivity services to businesses across the country in collaboration with Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), a renowned digital solutions provider.

The partnership between Tejas Networks and TTBS underscores their shared commitment to meeting the growing demand for reliable and high-performance connectivity services in the business sector. By leveraging Tejas Networks’ TJ1400 solutions, TTBS can now offer a comprehensive portfolio of data, voice, and managed services to enterprises, empowering businesses with seamless connectivity for their operations.

The TJ1400 family of solutions provides carrier-class FTTx and PTN capabilities, enabling efficient and cost-effective fiber connectivity deployments. With Tejas Networks’ cutting-edge technology, businesses can access high-speed and reliable network connectivity, facilitating digital transformation, and enabling enhanced productivity and efficiency.

The key takeaway from this deployment is the significant boost it provides to India’s digital infrastructure. By offering advanced fiber connectivity services, Tejas Networks and TTBS contribute to the country’s vision of building a robust digital ecosystem. This collaboration plays a pivotal role in empowering businesses across various sectors, facilitating their growth and enabling them to leverage the benefits of digital technologies.

The deployment of Tejas Networks’ TJ1400 solutions by TTBS highlights the importance of partnerships and technological innovation in meeting the evolving connectivity needs of businesses. As India’s digital landscape continues to expand, such collaborations pave the way for a digitally connected future, driving economic growth and fostering technological advancement.