WhatsApp could soon let you share your screen on a video call


WhatsApp enjoys its status as one of the best encrypted messaging apps around thanks in part to the sheer number of features that have been added to it over the last few years. Most recently, the Meta-owned messaging platform has introduced useful new options like message editingChat Lock, and some much-needed poll upgrades. Now we’re hearing about what could be the next feature to join those ranks, as WhatsApp works to expand video calls with screen sharing support.

Screen sharing would allow you to mirror your phone’s screen while on a video call — a handy option to have when you are discussing some important slides or documents over a WhatsApp video call. It could also prove useful when remotely trying to help your friends or family diagnose some problems on their phones.

The first sign of screen sharing popped up in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android v2.23.11.19 release, as spotted by WABetaInfo. Telegram, FaceTime, Google Meet, and other popular messaging apps already offer a similar screen sharing option. It’s not yet clear what the system requirements will ultimately be, and the feature may not be available on group video calls and older Android phones.

For security and privacy reasons, WhatsApp screen sharing is unlikely to display content from apps that set FLAG_Secure, which prevents you from taking their screenshot. Mainly, password managers and streaming apps use this flag to prevent unauthorized sharing of their content.

Additionally, the latest WhatsApp beta tweaks the order of the bottom navigation bar, which recently saw a wide beta release. Instead of Chats, Communities, Status, and Calls, some users are seeing the tab arranged in Chats, Calls, Communities, and Status order. This indicates WhatsApp is still finalizing the layout of its new navigation bar on Android, and it could take another few weeks before it rolls out to the public.