YouTube Music has added a new “Play All” button to select carousels on its Home feed.


The feature, which is rolling out now on Android, iOS, and the web, allows users to quickly create a queue of all the songs in a carousel with a single tap. Previously, users would have to manually add each song to the queue one by one.

The “Play All” button is available on carousels of albums, playlists, and other curated lists. It is not available on the Long Listening carousel, which contains songs that are over 30 minutes long.

The new feature is a welcome addition to YouTube Music, and it makes it easier for users to listen to the songs they want. It is also a more efficient way to create a queue, as users no longer have to tap on each song individually.

In addition to the “Play All” button, YouTube Music is also rolling out the Samples feed to more users. The Samples feed is a new way to discover new music, and it features short clips of songs from different artists.

The Samples feed is available on the Home feed for users who have not subscribed to YouTube Music Premium. Premium subscribers can find the Samples feed in the Browse tab.

YouTube Music is constantly adding new features, and the “Play All” button and the Samples feed are just two of the latest additions. These new features make YouTube Music a more powerful and versatile music streaming service.

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